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Shelter Me Inc sponsors a $50 spay/neuter program for pitbulls in Plymouth County. Call us at 617-549-8523 to register.

Some pitbulls spayed and neutered in our program. (Check out the pitbull who adopted the baby bunnies below.)

* Learn How to acclimate barn cats

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Shelter Me Inc Has Placed 142 ‘Hard-To-Adopt’Cats In
Since March 2008. In The Best Circumstances, The Program
Fosters A Beneficial Partnership–An Unadoptable Cat (Or Pair Of Cats)
Provide A Valuable Rodent Control Service In Exchange For Room &
Board And Lifetime Care.

*Shelter Me Inc is not currently/actively placing barn cats, but we try to connect barn owners with licensed pet rescue organizations who may have “unadoptable” cats suitable for barn placement. On this site, we also have a storehouse of ‘how to acclimate’ videos and lists of equipment that are useful for the acclimation period, including tips about keeping barn cats warm in winter.

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