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Update: Fostering Senior Cats (3)

March 30 Okay, they are all settled. I did lose Darcy … um… briefly on Friday. Well, she was in the basement somewhere. I have to take Darcy to the vet because one of her eyes is cruddy and seems infected. Of course, this means I have to be able to find her during the […]

Update: Fostering senior cats (2)

March 27 I just had Charlotte climbing all over me, purring, licking my fingers (even though I didn’t have any food on them), and her coat is looking like she has attended to it a little bit … The big fat one, like I said before, she looks very shiny, and… um… fat. Once the […]

First Rescue

The big news on Easter Weekend- we were getting our first rescue. After deciding a while ago that the best way we could educate our kids- Ben, 12, Zachary 10 and Jake 8- about volunteerism was to help rescue cats. I personally grew up in Upstate New York where there were plenty of barns, animals […]