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Kids and Kittens (Shelter Me Barn Cats #81 and #82)

Kids and Kittens (Shelter Me Barn Cats #81 and #82)

The kittens are four month old male siblings. The kittens grew up outdoors and were a little too wild to place in a home. Feline Friends of New Hampshire rescued them  and asked Shelter Me, Inc. to find a barn home for them. We feel very lucky that we did.  The kittens look very comfortable […]

Q&A about the Shelter Me Inc Barn Cat Program

Shelter Me, Inc. helps other licensed rescue groups place their ‘hard-to-adopt’ cats in barns. The “barn” cats  typically fall into two categories- Strays, semi-feral, ferals. These animals do not/cannot adapt well to indoor life. Cats that are afraid of people. Scaredy cats.  They are not lap cats. They have a limited tolerance for petting.   Can individuals […]

How does a barn find barn cat?

The information that appears on this site – both in written form and in multiple videos – is meant to help barn owners understand how to acclimate semi-feral cats to their property.   If you are a barn owner seeking a cat (or cats), you would be well-advised to adopt a spayed or neutered cat, up-to-date on its shots, […]

What happened to the barn cats?

Shelter Me Barn Cats____________________ Here are updates by name and locale: 1. Mushy - Very happy at a barn in Littleton. When we went to pick up our cage, the barn owner was at a horse show; we saw a cat that looked an awful lot like Mushy looking out a window in the house. 2. Tiger aka […]