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The items we use in our Barn Cat Program

  If you purchase any of the items below after clicking through the listings – Shelter Me Inc. will receive a commission AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU and we will put the money back into our barn cat program. Here are photos of the set-up of the acclimation cage (in use) that we loan […]

How does the barn owner acclimate the cat(s) to their property?

Shelter Me, Inc. recommends a 5-week acclimation period. Shelter Me, Inc. will loan out a large acclimation cage (52 inches x 36 inches x 26 inches). We deliver the cat(s) to the barn and set-up the cage. The physical set-up of the barn is important because it determines where to place the cage . The […]

Adventures of a Jack Russell Terrier working in cat rescue (and playing in his free time)

On his way to examine an acclimation cage for a barn cat. Singlehandedly stopping a stampeding horse. Greeting a new barn cat and the resident cocker spaniel. Barn owner showing him a pet rabbit (who isn’t interested in a meeting). Telling a Yorkshire Terrier to get lost. A veteran cat rescuer shows us a new […]