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137 Shelter Me Inc barn cats (where they came from / how they’re doing)

Mazie and Amos by Adam Kesmetis Spice Elmo (photo at Julie Lovely stable) photo of Fluffy by D Carlisle Photo of Dougle on tractor byNancy Richardson Photos above by Christine Randle Photo of Whisky, the alpacas and the barn cat byShelter Me Inc Photo of boys and cats by Shelter Me Inc Photo of barn […]

How to care for outdoor cats and barn cats (set-ups and supplies)

People often ask  us how to keep their barn cats (and other outdoor cats) warm in winter…Below, we have gathered together information we received from our barn owners and from knowledgeable animal professionals who graciously share advice on (sources are cited) Photo credit: Jeff Worth By the way, if you click through to Amazon […]

Junkyard cats (photos by Scott Harrington)

Junkyard cats (photos by Scott Harrington)

Photos by Scott Harrington We got a call the other day from Laurie Blouin, a hardworking volunteer with Feline Friends in Salem, New Hampshire. Laurie had been methodically capturing cats living in a junkyard and taking them to the veterinarian to get spayed and neutered.  She asked us to help her find barn homes for […]

The items we use in our Barn Cat Program

  If you purchase any of the items below after clicking through the listings – Shelter Me Inc. will receive a commission AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU and we will put the money back into our barn cat program. Here are photos of the set-up of the acclimation cage (in use) that we loan […]

How does the barn owner acclimate the cat(s) to their property?

Shelter Me, Inc. recommends a 5-week acclimation period. Shelter Me, Inc. will loan out a large acclimation cage (52 inches x 36 inches x 26 inches). We deliver the cat(s) to the barn and set-up the cage. The physical set-up of the barn is important because it determines where to place the cage . The […]

Adventures of a Jack Russell Terrier working in cat rescue (and playing in his free time)

On his way to examine an acclimation cage for a barn cat. Singlehandedly stopping a stampeding horse. Greeting a new barn cat and the resident cocker spaniel. Barn owner showing him a pet rabbit (who isn’t interested in a meeting). Telling a Yorkshire Terrier to get lost. A veteran cat rescuer shows us a new […]

Kids and Kittens (Shelter Me Barn Cats #81 and #82)

Kids and Kittens (Shelter Me Barn Cats #81 and #82)

The kittens are four month old male siblings. The kittens grew up outdoors and were a little too wild to place in a home. Feline Friends of New Hampshire rescued them  and asked Shelter Me, Inc. to find a barn home for them. We feel very lucky that we did.  The kittens look very comfortable […]

Q&A about the Shelter Me Inc Barn Cat Program

Shelter Me, Inc. helps other licensed rescue groups place their ‘hard-to-adopt’ cats in barns. The “barn” cats  typically fall into two categories- Strays, semi-feral, ferals. These animals do not/cannot adapt well to indoor life. Cats that are afraid of people. Scaredy cats.  They are not lap cats. They have a limited tolerance for petting.   Can individuals […]

Shelter Me Inc Barn Cat #80

Shelter Me Inc Barn Cat #80

Photos by barn owner Naomi Goumillout He was an unadoptable cat at Animal Rescue league and a very lucky guy, as it turns out. We brought him to a lovely barn in Haverhill. It appears that the white horse, one of his new roommates, is quite taken with him and the feeling is mutual. How […]

List of Massachusetts Approved Animal Shelter & Rescue Organization

  The List of Massachusetts Approved Animal Shelter & Rescue Organizations can be reached here.