The following video about Shelter Me, Inc. was produced by a group of students at the Center for Digital Imaging at Boston University (CDIA).

Since we began Shelter Me, Inc. in June 2007, we have intervened to foster, spay/neuter, relocate, and/or assist in the adoption of more than 300 cats*.

Ours is not the easiest sort of work to explain. That is partly why our nonprofit tackled the ‘hard to imagine’ part of rescue work by creating videos that we and other organizations could use to promote themselves.

In 2007 we helped 47 cats.

In 2008 we helped 63 cats.

In 2009 we helped 78 cats, for a total since inception of 188

In 2010, we helped 51 cats for a total of 239 since inception.

In 2011 we helped 62 cats for a total of 301 since inception. Of these cats, 128 cats were placed in barns.

In October 2012, Shelter Me Inc. launched a low-cost spay/neuter subsidy program for pitbulls in the greater Brockton area, in partnership with Animal Rescue League of Boston’s Spay Waggin.’

In 2012, we spayed and neutered 8 pitbulls and 4 cats and placed 6 barn cats.

In 2013, we have spayed and neutered 35 pitbulls, 5 cats and placed 3 barncats.

In 2014, we spayed and neutered 46 pitbulls.

In 2015, we spayed and neutered 30 pitbulls.

In 2016, we spayed and neutered 39 pitbulls.