A spirited team of students produced the video about Shelter Me, Inc. as part of their senior project:

  1. Hanna Denison, Producer
  2. Simon Werdmuller von Elgg, Director of Photography
  3. Anthony Tufo, Editor
  4. Dan Ritchie, Editor/Sound
  5. Jessica Mack, Second Camera

Photographs by CDIA student Brian Ciavola are featured in this banner and elsewhere in our site.

CDIA also assigned a gifted web team, Bob Delvecchio and Eric Lawson, to make design and navigational recommendations for our website. This link showcases their work: We are incorporating many of their concepts into this site.

We owe a special thanks to Franco Sacchi, their advisor, and Aimee Corrigan, the director of CDIA for gifting our organization with this incredible group of talented young professionals.