The Board 

Morene Bodner, Treasurer

Morene is CFO of Carlisle & Company; wife of David, mother of Sara and Rebecca.  She is an ardent environmentalist, interested in preserving wildlife habitat, but also loves domestic animals to the extent that the family has 4 rescued cats, 9 horses and one highly energetic puppy. She coordinates the feral cat rescue program in Acton and the towns abutting Acton.

Sandy Bodner, Director

Sandy is a communications consultant specializing in healthcare. In the summer of 2007, she told her sister, Morene, that the family ought to consider founding a nonprofit to help Sara save cats. Morene said, “Let’s do it.”

David Carlisle, Technical Advisor

David is chairman of Carlisle & Company, an international consulting firm that serves the motor vehicle industry. He is the husband of Morene, and the father of Sara and Rebecca. He is also a talented photographer with an uncanny gift for taming feral cats. Three rescued cats live happily in his barn office and prefer him to all other humans.

Sara Carlisle, President

Sara is a professional riding teacher and is responsible for developing Shelter Me Inc’s Humane Education Program, which she has piloted in the Fitchburg, MA school system. Sara inspired the founding of Shelter Me, Inc. because she so badly wanted to save feral cats. Her family quickly realized that they needed to field an army of volunteers to help her. In February 2011, Sara added another title to her list of accomplishments: Miss Boston.

Rebecca Carlisle, Editorial Advisor 

Rebecca is the older half of the sister team heretofore known as the Carlisle Girls: a literary light, excellent horsewoman, and regular volunteer at her local animal shelter. She says that playing with the cats makes up for cleaning the cages.

Page Carter, Clerk

She coined the organization’s name, Shelter Me, Inc. She is a psychotherapist working at a community healthy center and also in private practice. Trained as a Cordon Bleu chef, she has promised to cook a multi-course meal for the right donor.