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Habitat For Cats Intro

  This video features an impressive rescue organization, Habitat For Cats, in New Bedford, MA.  This is the introduction in a multi-part series about their organization.  There are two additional videos posted in Video Features. If you have any questions or would like to know more about Shelter Me, Inc., please feel free to email: Sandy@sheltermeinc.org. Thanks […]

Habitat For Cats: T/N/R Program

Habitat For Cats: Tracy’s Mission

This is a story about Tracy and her friend, Fernando, who rescue and feed feral cats in New Bedford. They work with Habitat for Cats.

Cat Volunteerism by Rebecca C

Yesterday morning during cat volunteerism, I had an incident with a cat named Alfredo. I had literally just come in and was unlocking all of the cages and when I got to Alfredo’s cage and opened it a crack to pet him, all I saw was a black blur as he shot out of the […]

Saving the Cats at Gardner Animal Control

Saving the Cats at Gardner Animal Control

This video is about saving the Gardner cats, our very first foray into finding barn homes for cats that were considered ‘unadoptable.’ It was an eye-opening experience. Check out this video series and please tell us what you think. We try very hard to match-up the needs of the barn, the personalities of the cats and the preferences of […]

Morgaine Abandons Her Kittens and Sara becomes their Mother

Morgaine Abandons Her Kittens and Sara becomes their Mother

I would like to state that Morgaine and I had a very special relationship. While Fiona regularly lunged at me when I cleaned her cage daily, Morgaine never even once hissed at me, and would let me get very close to her without getting upset. I had full intentions of rehabilitating her and turning her […]