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137 Shelter Me Inc barn cats (where they came from / how they’re doing)

Mazie and Amos by Adam Kesmetis Spice Elmo (photo at Julie Lovely stable) photo of Fluffy by D Carlisle Photo of Dougle on tractor byNancy Richardson Photos above by Christine Randle Photo of Whisky, the alpacas and the barn cat byShelter Me Inc Photo of boys and cats by Shelter Me Inc Photo of barn […]

Adventures of a Jack Russell Terrier working in cat rescue (and playing in his free time)

On his way to examine an acclimation cage for a barn cat. Singlehandedly stopping a stampeding horse. Greeting a new barn cat and the resident cocker spaniel. Barn owner showing him a pet rabbit (who isn’t interested in a meeting). Telling a Yorkshire Terrier to get lost. A veteran cat rescuer shows us a new […]

Q&A about the Shelter Me Inc Barn Cat Program

Shelter Me, Inc. helps other licensed rescue groups place their ‘hard-to-adopt’ cats in barns. The “barn” cats  typically fall into two categories- Strays, semi-feral, ferals. These animals do not/cannot adapt well to indoor life. Cats that are afraid of people. Scaredy cats.  They are not lap cats. They have a limited tolerance for petting.   Can individuals […]

How does a barn find barn cat?

The information that appears on this site – both in written form and in multiple videos – is meant to help barn owners understand how to acclimate semi-feral cats to their property.   If you are a barn owner seeking a cat (or cats), you would be well-advised to adopt a spayed or neutered cat, up-to-date on its shots, […]

Barn Cat Journeys

Barn Cat Journeys

This pony and cat are featured in the Barn Cat Journeys video. Photo by Brian Ciavola **********************************************************************************************

How To Foster Feral Cats by the fabulous Judy C

How To Foster Feral Cats by the fabulous Judy C

The Ahaaa! Moment Containment Checking the Kittens Cleaning the Cage (while cats are in it)

Cat Tale: Jane is the fastest cat alive

Tuesday was the day slotted to catch Jane and take her to the Vet for her spaying. Oh, more than just that; we had scheduled shots and all that stuff you have to do to make sure your pets stay alive in this harsh world. I carefully planned how I would catch her and confided […]