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137 Shelter Me Inc barn cats (where they came from / how they’re doing)

Mazie and Amos by Adam Kesmetis Spice Elmo (photo at Julie Lovely stable) photo of Fluffy by D Carlisle Photo of Dougle on tractor byNancy Richardson Photos above by Christine Randle Photo of Whisky, the alpacas and the barn cat byShelter Me Inc Photo of boys and cats by Shelter Me Inc Photo of barn […]

A Tale of Two Barn Kittens

Photo of barn kittens by Alyssa Harkness It is not uncommon for Shelter Me Inc, our animal rescue organization, to receive two or three queries every week from people asking us to help them find a barn home for a problem cat. Regrettably, more often than not we aren’t able to help. It is really […]

How to care for outdoor cats and barn cats (set-ups and supplies)

People often ask  us how to keep their barn cats (and other outdoor cats) warm in winter…Below, we have gathered together information we received from our barn owners and from knowledgeable animal professionals who graciously share advice on Masscats.org (sources are cited) Photo credit: Jeff Worth By the way, if you click through to Amazon […]